Ultima Education Ltd is committed to delivering an exceptional service to its users. If, however, a client has cause for concern or complaint, the following procedure outlines what they should do. In the course of delivering its services, Ultima Education Ltd will follow coordinated and consistent assessment procedures in order to deliver fair and reasonable decisions to its users.

Ultima Education Ltd will treat any expression of dissatisfaction addressed to it in writing concerning either an Ultima Education Ltd procedure or decision as a complaint. All complaints will be treated professionally, seriously and without confrontation or recrimination.If, however, the complaint is frivolous or repeats in substance a complaint already made and determined, the centre administrator may decline to consider it. Such a decision is outside the scope of this procedure.


A formal written complaint should be submitted to the centre administrator within fourteen days of the event or decision complained about, addressing the following issues:

The nature of the complaint and how it has affected the grievant;

The action the grievant has taken to try to resolve the complaint;

Evidence offered in support of the complaint;

An indication of the desired outcome if the complaint is upheld.

Complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days. The centre administrator will, if s/he considers it appropriate in the circumstances, seek to arrange a meeting with the grievant to take place wherever possible within 14 days of the complaint having been received to discuss the matter.

The grievant will, wherever possible, receive a written response confirming the decision of the centre administrator within 21 days of the complaint having been received.

If it is decided that the complaint was well founded in whole or in part, the response will outline suggested ways in which the matter may be resolved, including the forms of redress that may be granted. If the complaint is not upheld at this level, the grievant will be given reasons for the decision.


If the grievant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, they should contact DSA QAG, the body responsible for quality assurance of accredited assessment centres. Ultima Education Ltd will cooperate fully with DSA QAG to review any complaints made to them.

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